Evaluating the New International Version (NIV)

Posted by : Danny Price on: October - 29 - 2011 in: Personal Development

History: The New International Version Copyright owned by Biblica (International Bible Society) Published by Zondervan Publishing Translated in 1978 – Revised in 1984 and again in 2011 THE NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION is a completely new translation of the Holy Bible made by over a hundred scholars working directly from the best available Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek texts. – From the NIV Preface Key #1: Concept Behind the Translation The first  Read More …


Evaluating the English Standard Version (ESV)

Posted by : Danny Price on: October - 28 - 2011 in: Personal Development

  History: The English Standard Version Published by Crossways Publishers Translated in 2001 “with the 1971 RSV text providing the starting point (Preface to the ESV).”   The ESV Bible carries forward the trusted legacy of the Bible in English—the legacy established first in the Tyndale New Testament (1526) and the KJV Bible (1611). With this legacy as the foundation, the ESV Bible (2001) reflects the beauty and majesty of  Read More …


Key #5: Relate-ability

Posted by : Danny Price on: October - 27 - 2011 in: Personal Development

[This is part of the series: 5 Keys to Choosing The Right Bible for You.] Have you ever had that one friend that just got you?  And you just got them?  Have you ever met someone and you knew exactly what they were thinking?  Maybe you had a romantic connection with someone who morphed into your spouse?  Now you cannot read their mind to save your life?  Maybe you connected  Read More …